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    The future of Coccidiosis Control: Bi-OO-cyst is the first disinfectant designed to be a powerful, approved virucide whilst also being effetive against endoparasites especially oocysts.



    Foaming disinfectant: Thorough disinfectant of all classes of livestock housing



    Disinfectant detergent specially formulated for use in milking parlours for the circulation cleaning of milking plants.


Efficient and cost effective hygiene is absolutely essential on every Irish dairy farm. At Stock Health, we supply an extensive range of dairy hygiene products to cater for all your farming needs.

Thorough and powerful hygiene means using a selection of products suited to your specific requirements. Our staff in Cork have decades of experience in advising farmers how to restore and maintain hygiene levels on their farmyards.

This experience is vital to ensuring that you not only purchase a product that will work and give the results you require, it should also be as cost efficient as possible.

The Stock Health store carries washes, detergents, disinfectants, cleaning solutions, descalers, teatcare and dips suitable for a variety of purposes. We also have all you need to ensure quality Cow and Calf care, Sheep care, Pig care and general care for your animals.

If you are happy to browse and make your regular selection, our purchase process is straightforward and easy to use. However, our team is always happy to give any additional advice needed and assist you in making the best possible decision.

Stock Health also carries all the leading brands and latest products on the Irish market, including Virolac Concentrate, Cryosan, Zenosan and Hexidip.

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