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General Equipment

  • Udder Support XLarge

    Udder Support XLarge

    Webbing udder support protects teats from damage by tramping. Recommended for use 2-3 weeks before and after calving. Four separate sizes available.

  • Vink Cattle Brush

    Vink Cattle Brush

    The Vink cattle brush has a fixed vertical brush and a spring loaded horizontal brush, fully galvanised for a long life. Vink recommend one brush for 50/60 cows. They love it!

  • Vink Cattle Brush With Rotating Head

    Vink Cattle Brush With Rotating Head

    Large diameter brush is activated by the cow brushing the bristles. The brush rotates in a clockwise direction for a few revolutions then anti-clockwise for a few, this is to avoid any tail wrapping problems.

  • Frogade c/w Brush

    Frogade c/w Brush

    Intensive care against thrush. Our Frogade brush removes rotten horn. Optimally massages sole and frog and stimulates circulation. Sole and frog are protected from further rot. 6 in a box.

  • Good Olde Leather Cream

    Good Olde Leather Cream

    Rejuvenates with valuable oils and waxes, such as Carnauba wax, bees wax,Castor oil and Lanoline. Leather stays supple and pliable and will not dry out. Provides for a good grip without feeling slippery.

  • Horse Alarm

    Horse Alarm

    Horse Alarm is a reliable monitoring device, with double alarm sensors. It measures … Read More