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General Equipment

  • Udder Support XLarge

    Udder Support XLarge

    Webbing udder support protectsteats from damage by tramping.Recommended for use 2-3 weeks beforeand after calving. Four separate sizesavailable.

  • Vink Cattle Brush

    Vink Cattle Brush

    The Vink cattle brush has a fixed verticalbrush and a spring loaded horizontalbrush, fully galvanised for a long life.Vink recommend one brush for 50/60cows. They love it!

  • Vink Cattle Brush With Rotating Head

    Vink Cattle Brush With Rotating Head

    Large diameter brush is activated bythe cow brushing the bristles. The brushrotates in a clockwise direction for afew revolutions then anti-clockwise fora few, this is to avoid any tail wrappingproblems.