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About this product:

Fenafluke 5% Oral Drench permits a three way activity against Fluke, Lungworms and Stomach Worms in Cattle and Sheep. It is a broad spectrum anthelmintic for the treatment of benzimidazole susceptible mature and immature stages of nematodes and cestodes of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts of cattle and sheep.

Rafoxanide is active against immature and mature Fasciola hepatica (mature and immature over 8 weeks of age).

The product has a good therapeutic effect against type II Ostertagiasis.

Active Ingredient: 

Fenbendazole 50.00 mg

Rafoxanide 50.00 mg

Target Species: 

Cattle and sheep.


Cattle: 11.25ml per 50kg (22.5ml/100kg)

Sheep: 1.5ml per 10kg (7.5ml/50kg)

As a single oral dose, Assess bodyweight carefully prior to administration.


Meat: 60 days.

Milk: Not authorised for use in animals producing milk for human consumption including during the dry period. Do not use during the last trimester of pregnancy in heifers which are intended to produce milk for human consumption. Do not use within 1 year prior to the first lambing in ewes intended to produce milk for human consumption.