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About this product:

Tribovax 10 is a “10 in 1” clostridial vaccine that provides broad protection against ten clostridial bacteria namely C. perfringens type A, B, C & D, C. novyi, C. septicum, C. tetani, C. sordellii, C. haemolyticum and C. chauvoei; the causes of blackleg, tetanus, malignant oedema, black disease, ‘sudden death syndrome’ (caused by C. sordellii), bacterial redwater and enterotoxaemia in cattle.

Target Species: 

Sheep and cattle

Dosage / Administration:

The primary course involves 2 injections given 4-6 weeks apart

(1 injection is not enough as it is an inactivated vaccine and would provide little or no immunity)

Single boosters are then given at 6-12 month intervals depending on the risk profile of the batch of animals,

It is a 2 ml dose in cattle and 1 ml dose in sheep and should be given under the skin


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