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Mineral & Vitamins

Used to improve and maintain herd health and provide vital nutrients that may be lacking in an animal’s natural diet, Stock Health has a range of mineral and vitamin supplements available to farmers. 

Many cattle feeds supply the main trace elements in adequate amounts. However, even the smallest deficiencies can reduce growth and affect reproduction and the general health of an animal without showing many (if any) clinical signs of deficiency.

Deficiencies are a common problem across Ireland. Trace elements such as copper, selenium, cobalt, zinc and iron improve and maintain immunity when presence in sufficient levels – while copper, selenium, and cobalt also help raise levels of disease resistance. 

Long-term benefits include heavier and healthy looking animals, which in turn has a positive effect on milk production and profit margins. Animals in good health will also respond quickly and as expected to vaccines and other treatments where a strong immune system is essential.

As with all animal healthcare lines, there is a range of options available to the Irish market. Depending on your specific requirements, you can choose from boluses and liquid solutions as well as powders, licks, injections and oral products. Stock Health carries all the leading brands including Easi Trace, Calsea Calver, Supermec, Allsure Boluses and Crystalyx.

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