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About this product:

Prevention and treatment of cattle flies.

Prevention and treatment of cattle and sheep lice.

Prevention and treatment of sheep keds.

Active Ingredient: 

Deltamethrin 7.50 mg

Target Species: 

Cattle and Sheep.


Flies: Prevention and treatment of flies on calves and other cattle Cattle

up to 100 kg: 10 ml

100 kg to 300 kg: 20 ml

Over 300 kg: 30 ml

Lice: Prevention and treatment of biting and sucking lice on calves, adult cattle and sheep Cattle, sheep 10 ml per animal irrespective of weight

Keds: Prevention and treatment of sheep keds Sheep 10 ml per animal


For external topical use. Apply the recommended dose by pouring it along the animals spine from the base of head to the tail. For sheep, it is recommended that the fleece is parted during administration.

Lice: One single application is generally enough for 8-10 weeks protection, but in cases of heavy infestation it may be necessary to repeat the treatment after 4-6 weeks. All in contact animals must be treated at the same time.

Flies: One single application provides protection against flies for 6-10 weeks depending on the degree of infestation, fly species and weather conditions.


Meat: Cattle: 18 days Sheep: 48 hours

Milk: Cattle: 12 hours Sheep: 12 hours