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Clikzin pour on is a topical application dose designed to treat and control blowfly strike caused by Lucilla sericata. The veterinary medicinal product must be applied with a manual or automatic dosing gun, fitted with a spray nozzle, which guarantees the correct spreading of the product on the fleece. Best results will be achieved by holding the gun approximately 45 cm from the sheep during application.

Apply as a fan spray along the spine of the animal in bands at least 10 cm wide from the middle of the shoulders and in an arc around the crutch and tail. Half the dose should be applied along the spine with the remainder over the tail and crutch area. For topical application only.

 All animals in a group should be treated. To avoid secondary reactions due to the death of Hypodermal larvae in the oesophagus or the spine, it is recommended to administer the product at the end of the period of fly activity and before the larvae reach their resting sites: consult the veterinarian to know the correct treatment period.

The withdrawal period for meat and offal is 7 days. Do not use on sheep producing milk for human consumption.


The benefits of CLiK and CLiKZiN with Fleecebind
  • CLiK and CLiKZiN are the only IGRs with FleeceBind technology, providing full fleece protection*
  • Spreads from tip to base of fleece, around the animal and onto new wool growth
  • Binds the formulation strongly in place and sticks to the wool even if applied to damp fleece
  • Provides consistent protection, practical cover and resistance to washout