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BUY THIS PRODUCT AND GET A CAN OF REPIDERMA FREE Intra Clean & Control has been specially developed for use in dairy cow footbaths. Intra Clean & Control is an exceptional formalin-free disinfectant which is highly effective against micro-organisms that cause hoof problems. It fits perfectly into the hygiene routine of the modern dairy farm. Intra Clean & Control is a gentle, responsible product which poses no risk to humans or animals. Intra Clean & Control contains a broad spectrum of disinfectants, each of which in its own way tackles the microorganisms that cause disease. In addition, Intra Clean & Control contains various additives designed to optimise the product’s effect. For example, Intra Clean & Control contains surfactants which help it to penetrate deep into the skin around the hoof. The product also contains an adhesive which guarantees a longer contact time after passing through the footbath. Intra Clean & Control has been specially developed for use in a footbath. Intra Clean & Control is specifically active against the bacteria responsible for hoof infections. Besides using Intra Clean & Control, we also recommend alternating these treatments regularly with Hoof-fit Bath. This creates a perfect interaction between the two products: Intra Clean & Control prevents bacteria from taking hold and causing infection, while Hoof-fit Bath keeps the hoof in top condition.