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Precision Microbes Silage Additive unique liquid homofermentative is outstanding for silage preservation and an excellent way to support gut health in cows. It is DAFM-approved and organic-certified. Animals fed with silage inoculated with homofermentative bacteria tend to have improved milk production, daily gain and feed efficiency. Precision Microbes Silage Additive can help you minimize waste and lower costs by reducing the need for supplementary feed. For DOSE RATES, please watch the video below.

Fast Efficient Fermentation
Our homofermentative silage additive is engineered to accelerate the fermentation process, swiftly increasing lactic acid production. This rapid action ensures silage stabilizes sooner, locking in its nutritional value for superior feed quality.
Nutrient Preservation
By maintaining a more stable environment, our additive ensures crucial nutrients like proteins and energy are well preserved, boosting animal health and farm productivity.
Minimize Loss
Addressing the critical challenge of spoilage, our product significantly reduces waste, transforming a greater proportion of harvested forage into top-quality feed.
Tailored for Ireland
Designed with the Irish climate in mind, our inoculant thrives in unpredictable weather, guaranteeing effective fermentation even in challenging conditions.