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Agrihealth Warm Milk Feeder now in stock. Quality all stainless steel construction. 25L capacity will feed 15-20 lambs. Suitable for other suckling animals. 


The performance of this unit will depend to a great extent numerous factors involved in the raising of young animals, such as proper housing, good sanitation practices, control of diseases and type of milk replacer/formula used. All these factors, including the number of lambs or kids feeding should be considered in selecting the proper location and setting up of the unit.



Before connecting the electricity, make sure the thermostat is on the “OFF” position

Unplug the power cable from the socket before attempting to open the instrument panel located under the unit.



The Milk Feedr is a whole milk or reconstituted milk dispenser designed to provide a constant, uniform and easily accessible supply of warm milk to a maximum of 15 to 20 lambs or kids or other suckling young animals.

It is constituted of:

  • Water bucket (the main unit) which includes a heating element, thermostat, indicator light and safety shut of switch.
  • Milk bucket which settles inside the water bucket and keeps the milk at a constant temperature.


Feeding capacity:                       15 to 20 animals

Water bucker capacity:               TBC

Milk bucket capacity:                  TBC

Heating element:                       1500 watts

Current rating:                           220 volts

Power requirements:                  13 AMPS

Dimensions:                              19” x 15” x 15”

Weight:                                     21lbs



1 Milk Warmer with inner bucket

1 Cover

2 nipple panels

4 nipples (lambs/goats)

4 no-return nipple connectors

4 plastic tubing

4 stainless steel tubing inserts



Our general recommendation is 15 to 20 lambs/kids per unit, managed in good housing conditions. Ideally, the MILK WARMER should be in a recess to afford easy access for daily cleaning and maintenance.


Install the MILK WARMER in the access passage adjoining the pens. The distance between the nipple panels and the unit should be no more than 1 meter.


Locate the nipples to be 50 cm from the ground or slightly higher than the highest milk level in the milk bucket. This is to prevent leaks at the nipple site.


Water: Add water to the water bucket of your unit to be no higher than the level indicated on the inside of the water bucket. Adding too much water will create an overflow when you insert the milk bucket.


Electrical: Electrical connection must be via a 13 AMP plug and socket with a breaker. Plug the cable to a 230 volt outlet. Make sure the MILK WARMER or your building electrical system is equipped with an RCD (Residual Current Device)


Location: MILK WARMER should be set up in a sheltered area (barn, shed, etc.) equipped with 230 volt electricity wall outlet, 13 AMP plug about one meter from the unit. Provide drainage for feeder cleaning runoff.



#1 Install the feeder on a dry hard surface that can be easily cleaned up. Avoid splashing water around the unit as the electrical components are located below the bucket.

#2 Install the nipple panels so the nipple are set at 46 cm from the unit ground level (to prevent the nipple from leaking.

#3 Connect the plastic tubing to the nipple connectors on one side and the stainless steel inserts on the other side. Then to the nipples on the panels, and through the cover all the way down to the bottom of the milk bucket.

#4 Fill the unit with water

Warning: Do not connect the unit to electricity until it has filled with water up to the maximum mark on the inside of the water bucket

Make sure the water does not exceed the high mark on the inside of the bucket

Make sure the thermostat is set on “off” position before connecting the cable to the wall.

#5 Connect the unit to electricity.

#6 Turn the thermostat to the desired temperature…. It may take you a few try to reach the proper temperature. The good news is the thermostat does not exceed 40 degree temperature. Wait 10 to 15 minutes for water to warm up.

#7 fill the milk bucket with warm milk and insert the milk bucket inside the water bucket.

The MILK WARMER is now ready.



Train animals to drink by leading them to the nipple with your hand. Observe animals for the first few days to be sure they are drinking.




The thermostat control dial located at the base of the feeder is also the on/off switch.  Once water has been placed in the feeder turn the dial clockwise to the desired temperature.  See table below for information on temperature settings.

Please note that the liquid temperature exiting the feeder, and at the nipple end, may vary depending on environmental factors and if the tubing length has been extended.

Dial Number

Corresponding Temperature degrees C














SAFETY CUT OUT: please not that if the water falls below the MIN level indicated the thermostat will cut out.  To reset this turn off the unit,  top up the water level and reset the thermostat to the desired level.


CAUTION: Unplug the unit before cleaning

Daily cleaning and maintenance checks are important to the effective running and performance of this device.

The inner bucket, milk lines and nipples must be cleaned daily.


When the MILK WARMER is inactive or stored… even for short periods, it is important that all above mentioned cleaning is performed and free of milk residue.

both buckets must be drained and dried out before storage.